I can’t begin to say enough nice things about Dr. Miller, her demeanor and her professionalism. My beloved cat Van was in the final stages of debilitating malignant thyroid tumors that left him unable to eat and drink in his final days. Dr. Miller’s service of coming to the house to help Van peacefully pass was a relief. Dr. Miller’s comforting actions with Van and her reassurances to me helped make what was already a horrific experience as bearable as possible under the circumstances.

Norris A.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you so much for helping Priscilla and me in our time of crisis! When I left my emergency message, I never expected such a quick response! I never expected that you would be willing to cancel a surgery in order to help Prissy in her crisis and me in my desperate need for advice as to what to do! You are truly amazing to me for all that!

When you arrived at my home, you did not try to force me to make a decision. You explained the options and gave me time to think it over with Prissy! Thank you for that!

I could not “take in” all you were telling me initially, because of my grief. I think you understood that.Of course, I still wanted to find some “miracle” to keep her alive. When you explained what her death would be like if I waited even 2 days, that broke through the grief and it was totally clear to me the decision I had to make. I would be keeping her alive because of my own selfishness, which I know, but you description of her future death clarified that for me. Thank you!

You also explained to me that she was not rejecting me. That really helped. Thank you! Thank you for everything you did for Prissy and me that day of her death! I could not have made such a difficult and painful decision without your kind and very competent help!

I also thank you for your card of condolence and affirmation of my decision. That meant so much to me. Again I find you truly amazing!

Jane S.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you so much for all your caring and patience. We hold you in the highest regard.

Maureen M, Earl P. and all the kids

Dear Dr. Miller,
Robbie and I want to thank you for all you kind and gentle care of Chessie, even though you didn’t know her. We feel like you were a special angel sent to make this time a little easier. I wish we had known you longer. Thank you again and God Bless you.

Robbie and Judy G.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you so much for your responsiveness, follow-up and great care of the pooches. We all appreciate your efforts and are lucky to have found you! Its so convenient to have you come to the house and it’s a big stress reliever for the dogs too. Thanks again!!

Lauri and Peter F.

Dear Dr. Miller
Thanks so much for caring for my cat, Sammy. It was such a joy to have a vet like you that really cares! My kids are telling everyone how happy Sammy must be running around, catching lizards and the likes outside! You are a gem!

Cathi H.

Dear Dr. Miller,
Thank you for all your efforts and loving care towards my “family.”

Susan E.

Dear Dr. Miller
Please accept our heartfelt thanks for making the time in your busy schedule to come to attend to PeeWee. I cannot tell you the comfort it was that he could be home and at ease as possible under the circumstances. You are so caring, so kind and in times such as this, that means so very much. As I’ve looked at the photos of PeeWee over the years I now see how he’d declined the last months. It was his time, hard as it was to let him go. We will certainly miss him, but we won’t forget him or your goodness. Thank you again.

Mary and David W.

Dear Maria,
Thank you so much for the lovely floral tribute to Phoebe. Your love and support during this very difficult time have been a true blessing. I am so grateful that Phoebe has had Dr. Miller for her health care needs these last few years. I know there wasn’t any doctor who would have shown us more love and care than Maria. It is a comfort to know she had the best care possible. Thank you for always being there for us.


Dear Dr. Miller
Words cannot express how I feel towards the work that you do. I cannot begin to thank you for helping me through such a trying time. Your love and support made it easier to accept the loss of my dog. You truly are a wonderful and caring person. Thank you for making me feel like a friend.

Nancy M.

We were blessed to find Dr. Maria Brunner when our Sammy, our Siamese cat, was so very sick and other Doctors had not been able to help. The moment we met her there was an instant connection for Sammy & for us. She spent time talking with my husband and I about Sammy’s entire medical history, treatments, and educating us along the way. After the first visit I felt like we’d just met with a close friend who happened to be an “extraordinary” veterinarian and who genuinely cared about our cat. She took our phone calls, researched his condition and attacked the illness from all directions, she coached us and most of all cared for our Sammy like he was her own. If you must make the difficult decision to humanely and lovingly end your best friend’s suffering, I unequivocally recommend the services of Dr. Brunner. She will lovingly care for your pet’s needs and the needs of your family. Her compassion, insight, skill and guidance are exactly what you are looking for and exactly what you need. We give her our highest endorsement.

Ed & Laura Strickland

We recently had to put down our 16 year old Great Dane Willy. It was a very sad occasion for our family and we really appreciated that Dr. Miller came to our house and Willie could take his last breaths on his own bed. Dr. Miller was so kind and gentle with him and gave us the time we needed to say our goodbyes. We would highly recommend Dr. Miller’s services to anyone who has to make the tough decision to put an animal down.

Jennifer & Adam Vimmerstedt

Dr Miller is a true gem in the veterinary world. During the high stress and emotional time such as deciding to euthanize your pet having the option to say goodbye at home is a blessing. Because of Dr Miller’s compassion for animals and people she creates the perfect combination of a relaxed, loving environment in which to say goodbye. Dr Miller’s outstanding medical knowledge, sensitivity to pets and owners makes this unbearably difficult time – a moment of peace for all.

Tara Hood

Dr. Maria Miller, a most gentle and caring Veterinarian, provided us with the strength needed when we had to put our Dalmatian, Domino to sleep. He had reached the fullness of his time. His age coupled with his ailments certainly needed a peaceful relief and a quiet rest. Thank you Dr. Miller.

Jim Smith

Dr. Maria
I can’t thank you enough for helping us make Casey’s crossing over peaceful and comfortable. We’ve never had an “at home euthanasia” and I can tell you that as long as I have animals I will never do it any other way. Casey was so peaceful being at home with ‘her people’ on her bed and you were so gentle and kind not only with her but also with us. THANK YOU, we are grateful and so was she.


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