“Dr. Maria” Miller independently owns her Vetcalls practice which currently focuses on providing at home euthanasia for her clients. This level of focus allows her to continue building on her over two decades of experience as a house call veterinarian expert. Read more about Dr. Miller, or read about her in the news.

Service Area

We serve Tucson and surrounding areas (e.g., Vail, Marana, Oro Valley) depending on proximity to our office location on the east side of Tucson. However, additional fees may apply for longer travel times.

What Tucson Vetcalls Provides

Available Services

  • Pre-Euthanasia Consultation: You may have questions, and we are here to answer them. Click here to read about how you can know if now may be an appropriate time to consider having Dr. Miller help you and your pet at this difficult time.
  • At-Home Euthanasia: See below for common questions regarding the entire process of at-home euthanasia.
  • Cremation: After your pet has passed, you may elect to have your pet cremated, or you may choose to bury your pet yourself. There are several options available which you can explore with me prior to or at our home visit. After the euthanasia has been performed, if you choose to have your pet cremated, we will transport your pet to a third-party crematorium facility. Your pet’s remains will then be placed in an urn or honorary container.


  • Every day of the week, by appointment
  • Urgent appointments potentially available upon request

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if at home euthanasia is right for me?

More and more people choose the at-home euthanasia option because it has many advantages. For example, for pets who are too large or too weak to travel to your veterinary clinic, or who become anxious when brought to the clinic, at home euthanasia is the best option.  The more sensitive your pet is, the more being at home during their final moments can help with their passing.

What if I already have a regular veterinary clinic I go to?

We have relationships with several veterinary clinics in the area and are happy to communicate with your veterinarian. We are not trying to replace your home clinic. We provide a specialized service that often involves a one-time visit to your home and a follow-up meeting (eg delivering of remains if cremation is requested).

What if I want to consult you prior to deciding if I want to use the peaceful and painless process of at-home euthanasia?

If you are unsure of your pets’ quality of life or if you would like to meet us prior to the euthanasia visit, you may call me to discuss your questions.  I will be guide you towards the right decision for your pet, which is not always euthanasia.

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