So you are thinking about getting a new pet…

So, you are thinking about getting a new pet. You may wonder where do I get my new pet? What type of new pet would work best for my lifestyle? I’m here to give you some tips!

First of all let’s ask ourselves what kind of pet do we want? There are so many different options.

A dog is a great option for a family. Dogs need a lot of time and energy. Dogs are loyal, loving and want to be a member of their family. They also need regular exercise, and up to date veterinary care.

Cats can also be excellent family pets. They tend to be lower maintenance on their daily care. Cats don’t need as much exercise as dogs. They are usually happy to lounge around the house sleeping on the furniture! They do need a clean litter box and access to quality pet food and water. Cats tend to like to scratch things with their front claws so it is good to either trim their nails regularly or apply soft paws, a type of covering for their nails. Cats also need regular veterinary care.

Rabbits can be fantastic pets. They are sociable and are able to be free in your house once they are litterbox trained. Surprisingly to many, rabbits also require regular veterinary care. They are susceptible to various disease processes that can be difficult to detect by their owners. They also love to chew on things and have very delicate gastrointestinal systems. Their diet and environment need to be carefully maintained.

Ferrets can also make good pets. They too are very sociable and make entertaining companions! They are also very hardy little animals. There are good commercial diets available to them. They also need regular veterinary care.

Reptiles are loved by many clients. Snakes, geckos, and turtles are some common replies that people will purchase. Reptiles are cold blooded so their environment is crucial. A good habitat setup will ensure good health and longevity for your reptile!

I’m often asked where to get the new family addition. I strongly believe in getting your new pet from a rescue organization. There are so many unwanted and abandoned animals in the United States. Organizations like the humane society or animal control have so many wonderful pets looking to be adopted. has a comprehensive listing of many rescue organizations with all type of pets. As a matter of fact my family’s last dog was adopted from the local humane society. If there is a specific breed that is wanted there are many breed related rescue organizations that are easily located on the Internet.

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